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August 2013

 Patrick Detloff, as the Ultra-Clutch Hairspray executive, is a minor but genuinely funny player; his character's willingness to integrate based on ratings, over Velma's dead body, is a cheerily cynical reminder of the actual motivations of most television.

June 2013

...actors whose acting is excellent and whose shirtless frames will win no awards - with the exception of Patrick Detloff, who plays Keno, the Chippendale dancer whose success instigates the storyline...

May 2013

...recently released from jail (Patrick Detloff is a comical, questionably coordinated "Count" Malachi) and the Fonz...

February 2010

Western Carolinian

Soloist Patrick Detloff sang a soulful rendition of "Soliloquy" from "Carousel." In character as a man expressing his plans for his future son or daughter, Detloff's rich voice and sincerity brought such life to the song that his standing in front of a microphone was no longer tedious, but emotional. 

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